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Conservative predominance in the U.S.

A Moment or an Era?

CERIUM and CEPEA’s Annual Spring Conference

Does George W Bush’s presidency represent the high point of conservative predominance in American government and public debate, that will soon be followed by a return to the center ? Or does it signal the beginning of a lasting right-ward shift ?

The Chair in American Political and Economic Studies and the Center for International Studies of the Université de Montréal raised these questions, during a two-day conference that covered the impact of conservatism on matters of religious values and culture, as well as domestic and international politics, policy making, minorities, and public opinion.

This conference has been organized thanks to the generous support of:

- Ministère des relations internationales du Québec,

- Foreign Affairs Canada,

- Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada,

- U.S. Consulate General in Montréal,

- Research Group in International Security (REGIS),

- McGill Institute for the Study of Canada,

- Le Devoir,

- La Presse,

and with the collaboration of Canal Savoir.

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