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The Chair in American Political and Economic Studies has a mandate to encourage the development of knowledge on the United States in Québec in the fields of political and economic sciences, as well as to promote excellence in university research and teaching on the United States. In addition, the chair has a mission to facilitate exchanges and promote the development of contact networks among researchers and students in Québec, the United States, and elsewhere. Its main source of funding is a grant from a program of the Ministère des Relations Internationales du Québec that is intended to encourage the development of American studies in Québec. The Chair’s research priorities include: the study of economic policy-making in the United States, and Québec’s relations with bordering and Midwest American states in strategic sectors such as the economy, energy, transport, and the environment.

Pierre Martin, Director



Chaire d’études politiques et économiques américaines
Ministère des Relations internationales, Francophonie et Commerce extérieur
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