CERIUM - Centre d'études et de recherches internationales
  4 avril 2009
Panel 4

Gestion et résolution des nouveaux conflits

Mohmmaed Ayub Khan (York U.) ; Brandon Neuville (Carleton U.) ; Mahsa Hedayati (Carleton U.) ; Brian Humphreys (Rutgers U.) ; Wendy Palmquist (U. of Manitoba)

Président/Chair : Lorenz Lüthi (McGill University)

- Confronting Extremism through Conservative Islam
Mohammed Ayb Khan, York University

- Going to the Source of the Problem : NATO Drug Interdiction as the best Short-term counternarcotics strategy for Afghanistan <br> Brandon Deuville, NPSIA, Carleton University

- International Peacebuilding Reconsidered : the role of religious stakeholders in post-conflict peacebuilding processes
Mahsa Hedayati, NPSIA, Carleton University

- Building the Afghan National Army : A Comparative Historical Perspective
Brian Humphreys, Rutgers University

The Failure of Humanitarian Interention in an Era of State Authority : Applying the Case of Genocide in Sudan ?
Wendy Palmquist, University of Manitoba

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