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  janvier 2012
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Judaism : The search for peace in the holy land

in Holy Land Studies. Volume 10, Page 139-168, november 2011

Abastract :
Judaism is often invoked as an obstacle to the resolution of the conflict in the Holy Land. While Israeli nationalists have made ample use of Judaic concepts, the founding fathers of Zionism and most of their followers have been estranged from religion. This paper analyses the role of different trends in Judaism in their relation to Zionism and to political applications of religion to sacralise the conflict in Palestine-Israel. While the relatively recent National Judaism has become the standard-bearer of Zionism and has provided the most intransigent settlers, the millennia-old Rabbinic Judaism offers traditional tools and approaches to reach a peaceful accommodation.

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  • Yakov RabkinYakov Rabkin

    Yakov M. Rabkin est professeur titulaire au département d’histoire de l’Université de Montréal, membre du Centre canadien d’études allemandes et européennes.
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