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Peace Operations : Manufacturing Peace

Peace Operations: Manufacturing Peace
from Tuesday June 29th to Sunday July 4th 2010

An in-depth look at the urgent and growing phenomenon of peace operations, peace-making debates on efficacy, and proposed reforms. The course is given entirely in English. There is a French version of this course.

This course is intended for citizens interested in international affairs, NGO representatives, civil servants, diplomats, journalists and business professionals.

The course is offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (geography department, GEO6147) and can be taken for credit by graduate students. Undergraduate students may also register on specific conditions.

Among the topics covered:

- The changing face of peacekeeping

- The U.N. doctrine on peacekeeping

- Implementing peace

- The use of force

- The responsibility to protect

- Canada and peacekeeping operations

- Regionalization of operations

- Multidimensional operations

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Among the guest speakers:

Marie-Joelle Zahar
Professor, Political Science, U. of Montreal
Research Director
Réseau francophone de recherche sur les opérations de paix

Michel Liégeois
Professor, International Relations Theory and Diplomatic and Strategic Issues, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Jocelyn Coulon
Author, Guide du maintien de la paix 2009
Director, Réseau francophone de recherche sur
les opérations de paix

  • Peace Operations : Manufacturing Peace
Peace Operations : Manufacturing Peace
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