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The Obama Presidency: Year One

The Obama Presidency: Year One
from Monday, June 29th to Saturday, July 4th, 2009
The US is brewing with change in the first year of the Obama administration. American and Canadian experts will decipher the economic, political, cultural and social shifts under way. There is also a French version of this course.

This course is intended for civil servants, journalists, business people, members of NGOs, students and interested members of the public. The school is being offered by the English Studies department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and can be taken for credit (3 credits, ANG6670 - Constructions of Cultural Space) by graduate students. Undergradute students who have completed at least 54 credits and who maintain a 3,5 average may also enroll providing they obtain permission from the director of their department.

Among topics covered:

- Past, present and future challenges of the Obama presidency

- The economic crisis: How can it be solved?

- Will the new president re-establish America’s international leadership?

- Will Obama mark a turning point in social and health policy?

- The rise of a new, powerful black social class and its role in Obama’s electoral success

- Obama the orator & the writer

- Show business and American politics: one and the same?

Registration for the summer school is already open.

Co-directing the course:

Robert Schwartzwald
Head of the English studies department, UdeM

Pierre Martin
Head of the Chair in American Political and Economic Studies, author, Le système politique américain (PUM, 2008)

Charles Noble
Head of the political science department, California State University, Long Beach
Author, The Collapse of Liberalism: Why America Needs A New Left.

The complete program of The Obama Presidency: Year One will be available shortly.

- For further information, contact Christine Fréchette, coordinnator of the summer school.

- You can find information regarding the 2008 version of this course at: The United States after Bush : Perils and Promises. The 2009 edition of the course will be partly inspired by last year’s version.

  • The Obama Presidency: Year One
The Obama Presidency: Year One
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